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You can make your appointments for Ladies night Out, or private parties. Put the littles to bed and meet your friends at The Nail Salon Orlando for some much needed pampering. For those of you who work long hours and can not make it in during regular hours, here is your answer! We serve complimentary wine and mimosas with your services. Please call 407-917-5569 to make appointments.

Redefining the Salon Experience!

Modern Nail Bar

State of the art Custom designed Manicure Bar with quartz counter top and custom air filtration system.

No Fumes, Dust nor Smells!

Custom designed ventilation system pulls all dust and fumes down into a vent embedded in the quartz counter top and then sent through a charcoal filter to ensure a clean air environment.

High Quality Products

We use high end products with minimal dyes for your nail and skin care.

Popular Services

Hot Oil Pedicure start off with a classic pedicure and end it with a much needed hot oil massage on the lower legs. legs are individually wrapped with a hot towel to allow oil to soak in for beautiful and silky, smooth legs.
Gel Manicure one of our most popular services. our gel manicure will give you beautiful looking nails for up to two full weeks! cured under LED lights, nails are instantly 'dry' allowing for you to walk out the door without worrying about knicks or smudges. choose from our vast selection of colors.
Deluxe Pedicure experience the ultimate relaxation with a deluxe pedicure. soak your feet in an aroma-therapeutic foot bath while nails are trimmed and shaped and cuticles and callous are gently removed. legs are exfoliated before a rich clay mask is applied. cooling gel is massaged to the lower legs and a refreshing heel cream is kneaded into your feet. individual hot towels cover each leg and a second massage with a rich butter cream is applied. finish with your choice of regular polish, high buff shine, or protein shield.